CalendarMenu for Mac 3.3.2 英文破解激活版 – Mac上精美的菜单栏日历

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CalendarMenu 是一款Mac上精美的菜单栏日历软件,界面非常的漂亮,具有白色和黑色两种主题,支持通知中心小工具和暗色模式等,和系统的日历、通讯录等软件集成,非常不错!
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CalendarMenu provides a small calendar in your menu bar showing all the information you need to keep track of all upcoming appointments, birthdays, and reminders in the blink of an eye
Shows all iCal calendar events
Calendars and (on OS X 10.8 and later) reminder lists can be selected individually
Highlights birthdays from the OS X Contacts or the iCal birthday calendar
Differentiates between normal and all-day events
Can indivually hide normal events and/or events spanning multiple days
Shows an overview of all events of the selected calendar day or week
Supports US and ISO calendar layout irrespective of the current system locale
Allows to quickly mark tasks as completed or pending without leaving CalendarMenu
Lists all or only pending and overdue tasks on the main window
Shows due dates of reminders within the calendar
Lists reminders with due date together with all other calendar events in daily and weekly overviews

CalendarMenu for Mac 3.3.2 英文破解激活版 - Mac上精美的菜单栏日历

CalendarMenu for Mac 3.3.2 英文破解激活版 - Mac上精美的菜单栏日历


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