CameraBag RAW for Mac 3.0.210 英文破解激活版 – 图片处理软件

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CameraBag RAW Mac版是一款MacOS平台一款图片处理软件,它具有一套原始的高级图像工具和调整功能,可让您以全新的方式在照片中播放灯光,色调和色彩。这款软件适用于任何图像,特别设计用于处理RAW图像中的额外数据。
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CameraBag RAW features a suite of original, advanced image tools and adjustments that let you play with light, tone, and color in your photos in completely new ways. It works great with any image and is especially designed to harness the extra data in RAW images (created by most DSLR cameras).
It's simple, intuitive, fast, and powerful, keeping the focus on your creativity. The 100% non-destructive tile system lets you easily adjust and re-order every edit to your image at any time, and then save out your favorite presets for later use. You can also easily batch process an entire folder of images at once; ideal for weddings and other photo collections.
CameraBag RAW is an all-new entry in the award-winning CameraBag series. Here's a breakdown of the CameraBag family:
CameraBag RAW: advanced, unique, lossless photographic adjustments.
CameraBag Photo: everything included above, plus a huge collection of filters and the ability to easily create your own; also support for simultaneously editing multiple photos in tabs.
CameraBag Cinema: everything included above, plus the ability to work with video files as well as images.

CameraBag RAW for Mac 3.0.210 英文破解激活版 - 图片处理软件

CameraBag RAW for Mac 3.0.210 英文破解激活版 - 图片处理软件


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