Duplicate Manager Pro for Mac 1.2.8 英文破解激活版 – 重复文件查找

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Duplicate Manager Pro 是专门用来查找和清理重复文件的工具,Mac上重复的照片、音乐、文档等文件都可以使用Duplicate Manager Pro 来扫描,轻松帮你管理和删除重复文件,Duplicate Manager的使用非常便捷,有需要的朋友可以来下载哦!

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The Duplicate Manager detects, manages and removes:

Duplicated photos, Duplicated videos, Duplicated audio tracks, Duplicated documents, Duplicated other files.

Ease to use and operation speed - these are the basic principles in the app concept.

Select pre-installed scan job (Photo, Movies, Documents ... or Hard Drive).
Click the "Scan" button.
All scan settings have configured optimally for each job.

Compatibility with OS X 10.11-10.7 & Retina-Display.
Pre-installed scan jobs.
Automatically scans on a schedule any number of scan jobs. The app scans folders when you don’t use Mac. Don't spend your time on the scan process. Work with the scan results at any convenient time for you!
Automatically selects REALLY all duplicates. Don't spend your time on manual selection!
The ability to set the folder priority and define which folder will keep the original.
Keeps one original for all scan folders.
Keeps one original in each scan folder.
Multi-variance of the auto selection.
Works with external drives and network volumes.
Removal of duplicate files with administrator privileges.
The app can save the scan results. You can quit the app and continue to work at any convenient time for you.
The app saves all scan jobs settings. Don't spend your time to change settings for each scan job every time. Set all scan jobs settings one time!
The speed of finding duplicates 2-4 times higher compared with the similar apps (for a large number of files). Try the free version before buy pro.
Your time is the most precious that you have! We care about your time.


The free version is fully functional with one limitation, you can only remove one file at a time from the list of selected duplicates. To automatically remove all of the selected duplicates with just one click, please upgrade to Duplicate Manager Pro.

Duplicate Manager Pro for Mac 1.2.8 英文破解激活版 - 重复文件查找

Duplicate Manager Pro for Mac 1.2.8 英文破解激活版 - 重复文件查找


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