Records for Mac 1.5.8 英文破解激活版 – Mac上优秀的个人信息数据库

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Records 是一款Mac上优秀的个人信息数据库,可以帮助你收集和组织任何类型的信息,如从你最喜爱的电影到你的客户发票等等,简单易用,界面也很漂亮,所见即所得的编辑方式,多功能和可扩展,支持导出和备份,非常的不错!

[Records 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币78元]

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Records is a full-featured and powerful personal database app for the Mac.

The perfect companion for everything you want to collect and organize in life, from your favorite movies to your customer invoices, offering a great balance between easy of use and powerful features.

“Records looks fantastic. I can’t imagine all the hard work you guys put into this app — the icon alone is just stunning.” — Shawn Blanc
“Records is a powerful, customizable, easy to use database app for Mac.” — Peter Cohen, iMore
“Wow, Records for Mac looks really great!” — Christina Warren, Mashable
“Records is an impressively nimble piece of Mac software that makes personal databases insanely simple to create and use.” — J. R. Bookwalter, Mac|Life, 4 stars
“Records for Mac makes creating a personal database very simple.” — MacFormat, 4 stars

Highlight Features

Incredibly easy, drag & drop form and database creation
Canvas editor lets you customize the layout and design of your forms
Table view lets you display, edit and sort data in a single view
30+ templates ready to use lets you start using Records in seconds
15+ fully-configurable form fields, including images, contacts, URLs and ratings
Powerful alignment guides help you design visually appealing forms
Use one of several pre-filled lists, such as countries, currencies, or credit card vendors
Build your own forms and choose your favorite eye-candy color theme
Full text search help to find instantly your data
Easily import, export and backup your data in CSV format (Bento’s users are welcome)
Import, export and share templates with friends, family and colleagues
No prior database design or coding knowledge required

Records for Mac 1.5.8 英文破解激活版 - Mac上优秀的个人信息数据库

Records for Mac 1.5.8 英文破解激活版 - Mac上优秀的个人信息数据库


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