Space Drop for Mac 1.7.3 英文破解激活版 – 增强拖放工具

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Space Drop 使拖放文件更容易,随便一个便利的底座,立即出现,当您开始拖动文件。它创建一个临时的地方,您可以在导航到需要删除的位置时存储文件。这释放了鼠标,使过程更加愉快。
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对于想要加快工作流程的Mac用户来说,Space Drop是一个必不可少的工具。这款应用程序可以让拖放文件变得更容易,只要你开始拖动文件,它就会立即出现。它为您创建了一个临时的位置,您可以在导航到需要删除的地方存储文件。这样可以释放您的鼠标,使整个过程更加愉快。
Add single or multiple files into Space Drop in one go, if you drag in multiple files together, it'll create a stack group of those files combined.
Allows you to create a temporary storage space for files and folders you need quick access to or need to collate before dragging them to another app or location.
Add files and folders to Space Drop by dragging them to the drop window, menubar icon and/or dock icon.
Supports multiple monitor set ups.
Supports almost every file type and cocoa application.
Control which apps Space Drop will detect dragging on.
Customize color, opacity, window position and much more.
Works with full screen apps.
Supports QuickLook to preview files within your Space Drop.
Configure the app to launch when you login to your Mac.
Toggle the Space Drop window using a hotkey if set.
Right click on files and select delete to remove them or press the trash can icon to remove all files.

Space Drop for Mac 1.7.3 英文破解激活版 - 增强拖放工具

Space Drop for Mac 1.7.3 英文破解激活版 - 增强拖放工具


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