Window Manager for Mac 1.0.4 英文破解激活版 – 窗口管理

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Window Manager是管理窗口位置和大小的完美实用工具。 该应用程序允许您使用一系列预设选项通过其可自定义的快捷键,菜单栏下拉菜单以及将窗口拖动到屏幕边缘的各种热点,来快速重新排列Mac上的窗口。
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Keep Your Windows Organised
Window Manager is the perfect utility for managing the positions and sizes of your windows. The app allows you to quickly rearrange windows on your Mac using a range of preset options via its customizable shortcuts, fullscreen button overlay menu, menubar dropdown, and by dragging windows into various hotspots around the edges of your screen.
Multi-tasking Made Easy
With Window Manager, you can neatly align windows and make better use of your screen space. Easily arrange multiple windows on your screen at once for side by side comparison and to avoid having to constantly switch between apps.
Powerful & Intuitive Resizing
Drag windows into corners for quarters, to the sides for halves, top for maximise and the bottom for thirds and two thirds. Control your windows in the way that works best for you; with hotspots, shortcuts, dropdown menu controls and the fullscreen button overlay menu.
Supercharge Your Fullscreen Button
Window Manager adds a slick menu overlay that appears when you hover over the green fullscreen button on virtually any window.
The overlay menu allows you to pick from our most popular window arrangements. Simply click on the size and position you want and the window will be instantly transformed. Supports both light and dark mode.

Window Manager for Mac 1.0.4 英文破解激活版 - 窗口管理

Window Manager for Mac 1.0.4 英文破解激活版 - 窗口管理


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